Get Started with C5 Hidden Orthodontics® in Your Practice

ALTA SMILES' innovative patient care solution is changing the face of orthodontics. If you are a caring and accomplished clinician who wants to learn more about our totally hidden orthodontic system, C5 Hidden Orthodontics, let’s connect.

Get Started with C5 Hidden Orthodontics™ in Your Dental Practice

ALTA SMILES has an innovative approach to patient care that is rapidly changing the face of orthodontics. If you are a caring and accomplished clinician who wants to learn more about our revolutionary and patented C5 solution, let’s connect.

What Is a Certified Provider?

ALTA SMILES Certified Providers (CPs) are independently owned and operated dental/orthodontic offices that have added C5 Hidden Orthodontics, a specialist quality orthodontic treatment, to their practices. Our fully supported orthodontic solution enables you to take patient care to a higher level and treat with total confidence. We provide everything you need to succeed – including remotely located orthodontists, our high-tech lab, and much more. Some CPs offer C5 Hidden Orthodontics as a stand-alone service, while others offer a full suite of orthodontic services.

Do I Have Patients Who Would Want C5?

If you have patients with orthodontic relapse (who didn’t wear their retainers) or who would benefit from straighter teeth and improved cosmetics (EVERY PRACTICE), then the answer is YES.

Why Providers Choose C5 Hidden Orthodontics

Discover why C5 is the preferred choice for both providers and patients. Its concealed design, unmatched comfort, and maintenance-free approach make it a game-changer in orthodontic treatment. Hear directly from providers who have experienced C5's transformative impact on patient satisfaction and treatment success.

Benefits of Offering C5 Hidden Orthodontics
  • Patients are treated with an innovative orthodontic solution by a doctor (you!) that they already know and trust.
  • Our fully supported solution allows you to treat patients with complete confidence.
  • Training is fast, efficient, and thorough so you can quickly offer this treatment to your patients.
  • No upfront expenses
  • No increase in staff
  • No additional overhead
  • No training fees


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