Easy Remote
Monitoring Technology

to fit your life

Easy Remote
Monitoring Technology

to fit your life

Monitoring Your Orthodontic Treatment with Innovative Technology

We understand how busy life can get, and we want to make your orthodontic journey as convenient and efficient as possible. With our innovative V5x Remote Monitoring device that fits right onto your smartphone, we're doing just that. V5x allows you to submit diagnostic-quality images before each appointment, helping us identify potential issues early and streamline your treatment process.

How V5x Remote Monitoring Works

V5x imaging solutions allow you and your doctor to monitor your progress remotely between appointments. When you start your C5 Hidden Orthodontics treatment, you'll receive a V5x kit, complete with easy-to-follow instructions, and download the V5x Dental Images app. Your care team will show you how to use the V5x at your bonding appointment, which includes two positioners and a clamp for sturdy mounting to your phone.

The device will allow you to view all five vantage points of your mouth – center, top, bottom, left, and right. Your care team will send you a request to capture and upload these images approximately 10 days before your appointment – from the comfort of your home. This comprehensive view allows your team to accurately monitor your progress and make precise adjustments to your treatment plan.

Benefits of V5x Remote Monitoring

The benefits of the V5x extend far beyond convenience – it’s about creating an amazing orthodontic experience every step of the way.

Consistent, High-Quality Images
The V5x enables you to take diagnostic-quality images right from your phone, ensuring your doctor always has the most accurate information about your progress. No guesswork, just clear visuals to guide your treatment plan.

Streamlined Treatment Process

V5x remote monitoring technology

Streamlined Treatment Process
V5x Imaging Solutions facilitate collaboration between our orthodontists and providers by providing valuable information before each appointment. This leads to efficient treatment planning with fewer and faster appointments. With less time spent at your appointment, you get more time back in your day.

Avoid Unnecessary Appointments
If your treatment is progressing smoothly, sending images remotely before each appointment will allow us to determine whether an adjustment appointment is necessary or not. This saves you unnecessary in-person appointments until you’re ready for the next adjustment.

Remote Treatment Planning
With the V5x device and app, your doctor can monitor your treatment progress remotely, ensuring everything stays on track. This means your care team gives attention to your case between appointments, and your orthodontic care never misses a beat.

Comprehensive Oral Health Monitoring
V5x isn't just about orthodontics. It's a comprehensive tool that allows remote monitor of your overall oral health before, during, and after treatment. This ensures the best possible outcomes for your smile and overall dental health.

Learn more about V5x Remote Monitoring

We're committed to leveraging technology to improve your orthodontic journey. V5x Imaging Solutions is just one of the ways your doctor is enhancing the patient experience and delivering superior care. To learn more, ask your provider or find a C5 Hidden Orthodontics provider near you.